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Green Energy — October 2021 — Wyldon Fishman (34:43)

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How it All Ends

Argument for the "safest bet" being to take action. The video below is a summary. Here is a link to the suggested playlist for the full "How it all ends" series.

(:youtube mF_anaVcCXg:)

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NEW! The Umbrella Solar Cooker

More videos on the environment

One megawatt installation over a parking lot

Basics of electrical current in batteries

ConEd explanation of a smart grid

great electricity 101

national grid in England

generating power from wind

reinventing batteries for grid storage

How does the electric grid work? (Discovery Channel)

smart grid in Queens

how power gets to your house

renewable grid animation

European market electricity grid coupling

vampire power awareness

smart grid animation Duke

nuclear boy (subtitles)

follow electricity’s journey through the transmission system

the path of electricity

how is electricity transmitted?

quiz with answers –how electricity is transmitted

the power of California

renewable energy certificates explained in animation

TED talk on How to store grid worthy amounts of renewable energy in a battery

What are green jobs? –simple definition with good visuals –Optimist

Green building

Adorable animation

Special nyiso –real time app for smartphones, mobile-optimized application designed to give energy buyers direct access to historical electricity pricing data through smartphones and similar devices.

The app, which is available for download at, provides users with easy access to data that can help them make more informed energy management decisions by instantly delivering a wide range of historical pricing. By entering a specific territory or zone, buyers can view daily, weekly, and monthly historical pricing trends for both real-time and day-ahead energy for PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, MISO, and ISO-New England.