Newsletter August 19, 2013

Albany's Soft Cost Saving Solution

In order to bring down the "soft costs" of buying a solar energy system, installers have to look at every variable not just cheaper solar modules. One cost saving reduction would benefit all solar installers: the need to reduce the amount they have to pay (25%) for worker compensation. Installers need a worker compensation designation like tree climbers, roofers and electricians. The committees in Albany are key. They are the ones who can bring out a bill giving the Insurance Commissioner guidance to set in place a worker compensation rate for solar installers. Most states peg it around 8%. The NYSES email list of 2000 plus reaches friends in most counties of NY state. As a non-profit we don't lobby, we educate. You can help our solar installers and the buyers of PV systems by educating your assembly representative and your state senator.

Washington DC, STEM Education Help

Along the educational lines... Congressman Paul Tonko in the Saratoga region has a bill supporting more funding for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education.

Bill summary:

Looks like the bill is in trouble, could use some help.

Contact your congressperson

National Solar Tour

Solar tours are critical. The American Solar Energy Society is requesting you find a local tour site and post it on the National Solar Tour website. See It's key to post as many tours as possible across NY. Give lots of folks one or two hours of your time on Saturday, October 5. ASES out take research has shown time and again there is a direct correlation with folks popping in for a tour and turning around and purchasing all kinds of energy efficiency, solar thermal and solar power. If the economy is going to turn around, lets make sure all communities benefit from lower utility costs.

August 21 "Conversation for a Brighter Future"

On Wednesday, August 21, 7 - 9 pm, the Schoharie Citizens for Solar Energy will host a solar informational at the Cobleskill-Richmondville High School. Tom Thompson, Director of Policy for NYSES, will be a speaker. Free and open to the public.

If you are doing research in solar thermal, Solar Thermal World is requesting short videos for its new online video research library. NYSES supports the "short video" concept and is beginning to build a library on You Tube under NYSES. If you have ideas for funding and staffing this effort, please get in touch.

Indiegogo NYSES Fund Raiser

Total re-edit: How this works? You view, you pick a gift level, you share with all your connections.

Capital Region Section Lunchtime Meet-Ups

The Third Friday regular lunchtime meet-ups are in full swing. Thank you all for attending the Friday "Brown Bag" meeting at TEC-SMART. A big thank you to Dennis Phayre for his excellent insight and explanation of the solar market, what training is necessary to be successful in solar and a little solar history with current trends. Congratulations to Clare Gaffey, Training Coordinator, Century Solar Supply, Troy, who won the homemade pie donate by Joanne Coons. Please mark your calendar for the next meeting: September 20th.

Lastly, "Solar Development in New York: Create the Market" on August 9 in Saratoga Springs brought together 61 attendees and nine superb speakers. Many thanks to volunteers, speakers and all who attended. Our tradition of cutting edge information and superb networking continues (on a shoe string!).

Sunny regards,