The New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES) is a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), a non-profit, professional organization.

ASES distributes information several different ways: ASES publishes technical papers for scientists and convenes once a year to share these papers, hear the industry leaders speak and discuss the latest advances in passive solar, solar thermal and photovoltaics.

Solar Today is a magazine for enthusiasts who are just starting out or who want to stay informed. Go to

National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) has a news hotline. To subscribe or see past issues, visit

Sunbeam is an eNewsletter that comes with membership in ASES. The staff at ASES compiles links to newsworthy stories about the solar industry.There are several kindergarten through grade12 programs for teachers to use for free and they are online.The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association ( has resources for building sustainably and utilizing renewable energy. NRSEA is a chapter of ASES.

GreenHomeNYC, a sub-chapter of NESEA, has several meeting per year and a Green Home Tour in early October.

Here in New York State we have the third most active state renewable energy and energy efficiency funding program in the country. See

In New York City there are two lovely places to visit with excellent solar electric power generation: Queens Botanical Gardens ( ) and Solar1 ( ). There are more like the Coney Island transit hub, and the Durst building in Times Square but they are not as accessible.

Please visit the extensive list of websites on the NYSES homepage for new and updated information.

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