Fortunately scientists have been developing other ways to get energy for hundreds of years. You live in a time when we will go through an energy conversion. Just like giving up the horse for cars and trucks weíll have to give up first wasting oil and gas. Every little bit counts. Then we have to look at each and every way we use energy and try to replace it with something that is clean, easy to use and less expensive. Youíll be the first to make some changes. We need your help to make lots of new invention, build factories, and recycle all the old energy hogs into sleek new energy savers.

What are some of the technologies we can turn to right now? First of all we can just build better. If we build homes and building to take advantage of the sun weíll build whatís called ďpassive solarĒ. If we heat water with the sun, we can save lots of energy. The sun send a huge amount of powerful energy onto the earth every day. We can capture that energy and make electricity to run our TVís and radios, our computers and our refrigerators.

Next we have the winds that blow in some places more than in others but wind can spin a wind turbine and millions of homes are now powered with wind power.

Next we have power hiding inside our garbage dumps! We can stick a long straw into those dumps and find gas. Gas from rotting food. Itís called biogas.

Thereís a lot of power in water but itís no longer the dams rivers since dams block fish from traveling up the river where they spawn. Today the power from water comes from tides and the rocking motion of the ocean. The up and down motion of the tides can be captured and turned into energy.

And, lastly we look down to the ground right where all that petroleum came from. Right below your feet is what we call ground source geothermal. Hot springs, volcanic activity and even the plain old ground can deliver 50 to 65 degrees. Thatís a lot of warmth in the winter and itís a lot of cooling for the summer. We can drill a well and bring up this free heating and cooling right into our homes, our schools and buildings. We can dig a trench around a building and throw in a hose that looks like a super big slinky, fill in the dirt and start bringing in the heat and exchanging out the cold.

These are the five sources of energy that are free and impossible to run out of. You get to be the first generation to choose new free clean technologies to power your lives.