The New York Solar Energy Society

The New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES) is a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

NYSES is a volunteer, grassroots, membership organization serving the children, families, engineers, architects and teachers of New York State since 2007. NYSES prepares consumer knowledge handouts about energy conservation and renewable energy and distributes Green Energy Times, a resource publication, to the public throughout eastern New York State. NYSES analyses legislation and state programs and visits with the staff of legislators in New York City, New York State and in Washington, DC.


The New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES) mission is to encourage the understanding and use of solar energy technologies through public outreach, to be a source of sound technical knowledge and to provide a forum to address critical regional and state issues relating to solar energy solutions. We address the energy usage of all segments of society by increasing awareness of the benefits of renewables: solar, wind, biomass, geothermal ground source, tidal/wave energy and energy efficiency.


We are solar enthusiasts, engineers, developers, contractors, policy makers, teachers, researchers, Wall Street analysts, manufactures and homeowners. NYSES is a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society which was founded in 1954 and, in turn, became a chapter of the International Solar Energy Society.


We have a fun educational and interactive exhibit to show children and families how solar energy can work for them. We incorporate energy saving tips as well as information about wind, biomass, geothermal ground source heat, tidal and wave energy.

We educate consumers to help them know how to choose cost effective, energy solutions with our Homeowner Workshops, K-12 special events, solar demonstrations with hands-on workshops, renewable energy finance seminars and email newsletters.

Solar Today magazine is published monthly by the American Solar Energy Society.

NYSES Founder

Wyldon King Fishman, FASES, Founder and President of the New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES)

Ms Fishman is a thought leader and organizer of the Solar Salon NYC series and NYSES conferences. She travels to local events with the NYSES exhibit table and facilitates the “Make A Solar Module” workshop classes for groups. Ms Fishman mentors a local organization working on food, energy and environmental justice. As a chapter leader and Fellow of ASES, Ms Fishman helps coordinate the yearly National Solar Tour and assists with new chapters and Emerging Professionals. As the Solar Resource Network, NYSES helps individuals making a career path change with exposure to renewable energy professionals, with sound resources for technical information and with opportunities to explore technologies. Ms. Fishman writes regularly for local magazines, the NYSES publications and Green Energy Times. Ms Fishman serves on the board of the American Solar Energy Society.


Bob Freeston NYSES Vice President & NYSES Educational Reprints Director
Teresa A. Eddy, Esq. NYSES Secretary & VP, LERRI Solar USA, LLC
Thomas Thompson Policy Director
William Oddo, PE 
Martha Shaw 
Rick Lewandowski 
Stanley Fishbein 
Yuri Kalina 

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