Bog Frog Environmental Education


K-4 environmental education in 2.5 minute segments the viewer may pick from categories of environment, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Animation will enhance the scientific explanation. Subtitles and a quiet background will aid the special needs student.

Website Access

The collection will reside on a website equipped to handle animation. General topics such as the ocean or how a solar works will be the first choice. Then, watch the video of your choice. A class or homeschooler can watch one a day, one a week or keep watching.

2.5 Minute Segments

A drum solo (special guest musician) will call the class to watch and focus the attention. Our digitized Bog Frog pops up with the subject. The subtitles will be flexible for languages. Initial text will be read. The animation will enhance the text. We can drop in still shots. Then, we close with proper credits and a fade out drum solo.


The initial script for each segment was used on AM radio in Minnesota. Every fact, all the scripts and more were vetted and checked by teams. Many were voiced by Peter Benchley of Jaws fame. David Winkelman, Winkelman Solar, developed Bog Frog over two decades and has given NYSES the right to generate more education for the public

What We Need

NYSES is looking for funding, grants, donations, or partnerships to work on this project. Please contact us below if you have interest in giving material assistance with or taking on this project.



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