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Catching the Sun: Nationwide Documentary Release

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Community Solar Passes the NY Public Service Commission

Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) People love G.E.T. It's FREE education.

Our efforts to bring G.E.T. into NY State have been wildly successful. Outstanding volunteers rallied to distribute 3 editions of G.E.T. into areas surrounding Albany, Oneonta, Binghamton, Ithaca and Kingston. The publisher, Nancy Rae Mallery, gives us 65 bundles (50/bundle) and we give her 5 articles, 5 ads and artwork. G.E.T. is described as a "resource publication". The revenue for printing comes from the ads and generous supporters. Want to be involved? Need a copy? Contact us or click here for the online edition and back issues. We'll be needing a truck and driver soon as more bundles are needed than a big car can handle. Rochester wants a drop and we've spread our wings into Bucks County, PA.

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Who? HVAC companies looking to build revenue with new​ heating, data collection and storage​ technology. NYSES has an excellent track record from our 2 previous conferences. Please send names of companies and individuals to be contacted.

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Amory Lovins reveals how basic economics is all about the rapid success of solar. (Takes 2 minutes.)

The Solar Energy Animation Campaign

NYSES is raising funds through Indiegogo to build a library of free videos on solar energy appropriate for K-12 learners & educators. Please donate towards the cause by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign, becoming a member or make a donation using the donate button on the right! More info.

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The Cap and Trade Failure Will Bring Back the Carbon Tax Debate

MERIT ORDER for Solar in High-Demand Periods on the Grid

Executing Renewable Energy Policy in Texas


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