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Article on CNET about using batteries with solar power, with input by founder & president Wyldon Fishman

Listen to NYSES founder & president, Wyldon Fishman, on Our Power Combined podcast, on Soundcloud

Wyldon, NYSES President, touches on each of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and how solar cooking meets every one of them in this video by Big Blue Sun Museum of Solar Cooking.

Check out SolarFest 2021 recordings & the Solar Energy Panel

Bog Frog

Proposed educational animation shorts to teach science for children.

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NYSES proudly distributes science-based Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) in these New York State areas:

AlbanyClifton ParkGlens Falls

…and many points between

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Search, Share and Archives at www.greenenergytimes.org

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Jewelry Fundraiser: Charmed by a Cause

We have partnered up with Charmed by a Cause for a custom-made jewelry fundraiser, please check them out from one of the links below and your purchases will slide a cool 20% into the NYSES fund.

Solar Panel Earrings
Solar Panel Pendant
Sun Pendant

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For information or to join NYSES please contact Wyldon Fishman.

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