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Listen to NYSES founder & president, Wyldon Fishman, on Our Power Combined podcast, on Soundcloud

Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) People love G.E.T. It's FREE education.

Our efforts to bring G.E.T. into NY State have been wildly successful. Outstanding volunteers rallied to distribute 3 editions of G.E.T. into areas surrounding Albany, Oneonta, Binghamton, Ithaca and Kingston. The publisher, Nancy Rae Mallery, gives us 65 bundles (50/bundle) and we give her 5 articles, 5 ads and artwork. G.E.T. is described as a "resource publication". The revenue for printing comes from the ads and generous supporters. Want to be involved? Need a copy? Contact us or click here for the online edition and back issues. We'll be needing a truck and driver soon as more bundles are needed than a big car can handle. Rochester wants a drop and we've spread our wings into Bucks County, PA.

Jewelry Fundraiser: Charmed by a Cause

We have partnered up with Charmed by a Cause for a custom-made jewelry fundraiser, please check them out from one of the links below and your purchases will slide a cool 20% into the NYSES fund.

Solar Panel Earrings
Solar Panel Pendant
Sun Pendant

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